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Jecala’s Story

Have you ever wished you knew your purpose in life? Like, really knew that you are making a difference, and you’re good at it!? That’s Dance City for me.

Come with me to Dance City, I have a lot to show you.

I have always enjoyed dance and performing. The awesome woman that I call Mom made sure of it. Dancing was something just naturally a part of me! As life broadened for me, I had no idea that a Dance career was a thing, or that I could study dance in college! Oh, but once I did... I developed this huge dream!

First, I thought to myself that I would eventually be a professional dancer. After years of knowing that I could dance, and that I would love to keep dancing, I couldn’t seem to find out how to make it truly work in my life.

Just a few years ago, I started to realize that I was greatly needed in life, that I could be someone that a little girl needs, someone to look up to. God had a genius plan.

I finally realized that God wanted me to put it all together. So, I started to ask how, when, where, now!!? It took some prep and some hard work, but when He answered, it was nothing short of amazing! It turns out Jeremy & Raelenna Ferguson of OneCity have been looking for someone with a similar vision, dream, and passion to build, carry, and lead a dance program. What a gift!


When the founders of One City, Jeremy and Raelenna Ferguson, first began dreaming and developing One City; they quickly realized there was a gap in the community in the area of Fine Arts for kids, specifically in the area of dance. At the same time, as plans were being made for the use of the One City building, there was a space in the back of the building that they knew would be the kid space. From the beginning, this space that now is Dance City has been claimed as the dance space. For almost 2 years, as tours were given, funds were being raised, and construction was done, this was the dance space. Even though there was no instructor, no students, not even an entrance, it was just an empty shell.

In 2018, when the renovation was completed to the One City building, the time had come to start pursuing the opening of Dance City. Lots of thoughts and prayers went into how to do this, who is the person, how do we find this person?

A post was made on social media that we were looking for a dance instructor....Jecala Amos responded, we met with her and amazingly our goals lined up on uniting our community, giving children an opportunity to experience fine arts, and building relationships among families. What a gift!



We are excited to invite you to be a part of Dance City’s Certificate Program! Our dance classes are open to ages 2-18 years of any skill level, with an intentionally authentic and diverse setting, open to all people in our community.


Our goal is to unite members of the community by promoting individual self confidence and self awareness through movement, dance instruction, dance history, and performance.


  • Dance City represents the freedom to personally learn, grow, and evolve in an authentic and diverse setting.

  • We value unity by offering dance programs for all ages, all children, all skill levels.

  • Teach movement, with a goal to unite the community.


We will be unique by offering scholarships to students, allowing students of all economic levels to be involved in dance and movement. We will also intentionally create opportunities for our students and their families to connect beyond the dance school. We hope to offer a variety of social-based activities for students and their families to connect with one another.

Meet Dance City’s Instructors



BOOM! HIT! HIT! POW are just a few of the encouraging words she uses most often as she instructs her dance classes with high energy. Jecala Amos graduated from Southeast Missouri State University. She was born & raised in the best of both, Southeast Missouri and Southern, Illinois.

She began dancing at age 8 at Dina Pickard Dance Studio in Cairo, IL, where she learned ballet and tap dance, and experienced her very first performance in a dance recital. From then until now, dance has been her life. Through college dance courses, leading youth dance teams, and performing, she has developed a hard hitting, versatile style of dance.

Dance has allowed Jecala to travel well. She has performed and competed in dance conventions such as Showbiz, Showstopper & Tremaine in the greater St. Louis Area. While living in Orlando and Dallas for a little while, she became seasoned in the structure, critique and profoundness of dance auditions. She auditioned through the Millennium dance complex for Hip-Hop artist Missy Elliot. As of recent, she has obtained a STRONG by Zumba certification to enhance her dance with fitness skills.

Fun fact:

Although Jecala’s favorite style of dance to teach is hip hop, she loves to perform jazz numbers!

Favorite Verse:

“Strength and honour are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come.” -Proverbs 31:25



As a lifelong dedicated and passionate dancer, Parker brings a love for dance and a unique perspective to the studio at Dance City. She has a great deal of experience in instruction, performance, and choreography. Parker’s experience includes over 10 years experience in jazz, tap, and musical theatre, 16 years of ballet training, and 15 years of training in Folklorico, a traditional Mexican dance that emphasizes local folk culture with ballet characteristics. She is bilingual in Spanish and plans to integrate that knowledge into her time instructing at Dance City.

Parker was born and raised in Arizona, dancing since a young child, she formally studied Cultural Anthropology at the University of Arizona. Parker is currently enrolled at Southeast

Dance Conservatory at Southeast MIssouri State University. She is excited to be bringing her experience and passion to Cape Girardeau at Dance City.